Innerspring seat

Those who spend many hours sitting in a static work position, usually complain of back pain (especially in the lumbar area), neck and shoulders pain or stiffening of the muscles caused by an accumulation of tension.
To avoid these problems, it is essential to have a chair that meets the highest ergonomic standards.

To achieve these standards, Moving has designed the innovativeinnerspring seat.
It is a system of 64 springs individually wrapped (to better adapt to the morphology of each user) inserted inside the polyurethane seat, thus becoming an integral part of the seat itself.


When you sit down, the springs adapt precisely to the body, thereby relieving pressure on the pelvis, thighs and buttocks. This allows you to perceive a high comfort even after many hours of usage.

Moving has always been actively involved in the search for well-being, find out more here: Wellness Project